This the trnsfer done by school education minister MP i don't know what they want .it is tatally wrong u can see here why and when i am requesting they are asking for money ..what the hale is this?
As per order I am working at Govt. Hir. Sec. School Baron Tahsil-Sirmour Dist-Rewa (M.P.) but my transfer is necessary due to following reason:

  1. My native place is Hanumana Dist.-Rewa(M.P.) where previously I was working in Govt. Utkristha Hir. Sec. School Hanumana Dist.-Rewa(M.P.).

  2. Also the post of principal is empty in Tahsil Hanumana. Here the information as per my priority.

    • Govt. Girls Hir. Sec. School Hanumana Dist.-Rewa(M.P.)

    • Govt. Hir. Sec. School Pahari Dist.-Rewa(M.P.)

    • Govt. Hir. Sec. School Gauri Dist.-Rewa(M.P.)

  3. I am suffering from diabetes and high blood Pressure So it is necessary for me to always near primary hospital and with family. But In Barao there is no hospital and even there is not any kind of medical facilities available.

  4. The distance between Hanumana and Baraon is so far more than 150 Kilometers and there are no any convinces between Rewa to Baron.So it is very troublesome to travel between these distance in this age.

  5. My retirement date is on 31/08/2007 so only 10 month remaining to my service

So Kindly make my transfer to the convenient Hir Sec. School as mentioned above.

I am most humble thankful for your kind act

                           Thanks you!

Thanks and Regards

Anjani Kumar Shrivastava


Govt. Hir. Sec. School Baron

Tahsil-Sirmour Dist-Rewa(MP)