Recently the increase in reservations for backward classes from 22.5% to 49.5% was passed by the Maharashtra government, despite the protest that were taking place in Delhi. I think it is ridiculous. Till yesterday, these grey headed monstrous politicians had made common man suffer a lot, only for their hunger for votes. But their acts never directly affected the students. But what they have done this time will affect the normal qouta students or the 'urban' students very badly. I am an engineering student at TSEC, Bandra and I know how much we slog our asses to get admission into a good private proffesional institutes. But for a few sick votes of the backward classes these sick politicians will make us suffer. I think it is completely ridiculous. All the students from all professional and non-professional institutes across the nation should come together and fight the central and state government. We are the future and we shall not let these dumbheads, who supposedly 'run' the government, ruin the future of the country. I wish to start a rebellion of students against the system and those who run the system. Those who are willing to take a stand with me, please email with your decision and opinion to . Students from professional and non profesional institutes and anyone who is ready to teach the government a lesson is welcome. Remember we elect the government for our progress and not suffering. Together we can and will change things for the better.