My name is Vallish 32 years of age. I have completed 3 years Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering presently studying B SC (IT) 6th semester from KSOU. I was working in a government firm temporarily for 6 years hoping to be absorbed as permanent employee which did not materialise. Now I intend to pursue a career in IT related field. Please guide me on choosing a stream in IT field which I can take up by undergoing specialisation course upon completion of which at least I can have a fair chance of getting a job with vertical mobility. My age is also an issue. Please guide me as I am in dilemma of getting into a particular domain of IT. I do not have any idea about software market and demand of software professionals related to different streams. Packages Known: MS Word, MS Excel. Software Language: C. Others: Theory about Networking Technologies* (briefly), Theoretical over view of Java*, Java Script*, HTML*, Database Management*. *: All the things mentioned in others are part of syllabus under B Sc. (IT)