Hi All,

I am Pankaj. I am in a BPO firm and I do not like my job anymore. I want to make my carrer in IT industry. Though I have done a 2 years computer course from Aptech but it was 4 years back and I hardly remember anything. Since I do not have much time I want to learn things fast so that I can start my career in IT ASAP.

I request you all to suggest me how do I get into IT. Any short tem course I can do? Any good institute (preferably in noida). I have also heard of few profession in IT industry which does not need much of IT knowledge for example- IT recruiter, BD etc. please suggest me such profession and how do I go for it.

You can send me mail to pankaj.upreti@wipro.com and pankiupreti@gmail.com

Thanks a lot.

Pankaj Upreti