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Pass percentage for ICSE Class X and XII lowered

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Himalayan Public School, Dehradun

Image Courtesy: www.cisce.org; The Himalayan Public School

Close on the heels of announcing the timetable for classes X and XII yesterday, the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination) has released a statement saying that it is going to reduce the pass percentage for classes 10 and 12 starting the examination year 2018, instead of the earlier announced year 2019

In November last year, the board had announced its decision to reduce the threshold of pass percentage from 35% and 40% for classes 10 and 12, to 33% and 35% respectively. This decision was to be implemented starting the examination year 2019 but the plan has now been moved ahead.

The decision to lower the pass percentage was made in a bid to achieve parity with the marking schemes of other boards, and was a result of the recommendation of the Inter-Board working group comprising members of 8 examination boards.