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TOEFL Exam 2019- Eligibility, Registration, Dates, Fees, Benefits


What is TOEFL?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures how well non-native speakers of English can analyse and understand university-level English. Students who want to study abroad take the TOEFL test each year. Clearing the TOEFL is necessary for admission to colleges and universities in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

This article is a complete guide to the TOEFL test and will help clear all your doubts related to this exam.

One of the most reliable and widely used English-language test in the world, TOEFL is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in 130+ countries. Over 9,000 agencies, colleges, exchange and scholarship programs and immigration departments, among other institutions, use TOEFL scores. These scores may be used to meet visa requirements in the U.K. and Australia. The skill level required varies between intermediate and advanced. You may retake the test as many times as you want.

toefl english language test

Who has to appear for TOEFL?

Simply put, the TOEFL score can reflect your English proficiency. The following kind of people take the TOEFL test:

  • Students who want to study abroad for higher education
  • Those who want to take admission/ exit to English-learning programs
  • Candidates applying for certain scholarships and certifications
  • People trying to learn the English language and want to track their progress
  • Students and professionals applying for visas

TOEFL 2019 Eligibility Criteria

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) does not mention any specific educational or age related eligibility criteria to appear for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). In fact, TOEFL can be taken by any candidate who wants to study outside his/her native country (where English is not the native language) and has to demonstrate his/ her proficiency/ fluency in English.

Typically, candidates who have passed a high school can take the TOEFL 2019-2020 exam. 

Before you register, please ensure that you meet all the TOEFL eligibility criteria.

How is TOEFL exam conducted?

TOEFL iBT exam details

The TOEFL iBT test is conducted online. It is a computer-based examination. Candidates can take the TOEFL test online at any of its designated centres. 

TOEFL PBT exam details

The TOEFL PBT is a paper-based examination but it is not available in India. 

Indian students have to take the TOEFL iBT test. 

TOEFL 2019 Registration: 

Applicants can register for TOEFL on phone, via mail and online. Online is the easiest way to register for the TOEFL exam. 

For filling out the TOEFL online application, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website for TOEFL
  • Fill in your basic information matching with the one on your passport
  • Pay the application fee (Credit/debit cards for Indian applicants)

Check out in detail- how you can register for TOEFL exam in India: TOEFL registration

TOEFL 2019 Fees- TOEFL Price Structure

Fees vary according to location. As of 2019, the TOEFL exam fee in India is USD 180

For rescheduling and late registration, fees differ.

  • Late Registration TOEFL fees: USD 40
  • Rescheduling: USD 60

TOEFL Exam Pattern

The TOEFL iBT will test four basic language skills required for effective communication:

  1. Reading:  36 to 56 Questions
  2. Listening: 34 to 51 Questions
  3. Speaking: 6 Activities
  4. Writing: 2 Activities

TOEFL Exam Duration

The test generally takes between 3 hours 20 mins - 4 hours 20 mins. You'll get a 10 minute break halfway through the exam (i.e. after Reading & Listening sections.)

TOEFL test time duration for each section:

  1. Reading:  60 to 80 minutes
  2. Listening: 60 to 90 minutes
  3. Speaking: 20 minutes
  4. Writing: 50 minutes

TOEFL Test Scores

The TOEFL score is available in two formats- online and print. Print copy of your TOEFL score can be obtained only by applying for the same before appearing for the exam. All other applicants are provided with one online copy of their score, which can be also considered the certificate of TOEFL. 

  • Applicants can check their TOEFL test scores immediately after they finish their online test .
  • TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date.
  • You can select four destinations (i.e. colleges/ universities) for your test scores prior to taking the test.
  • These four score reports are free.
  • Additional selections are $18 USD for each report.
  • Score reports are sent about 13 days after the exam.

Find out how your TOEFL scores are calculated


TOEFL is available on variable dates at 50+ test centres across India. Applicants can book their TOEFL test date online according to their preference of date, time-slots and city.

Applicants who want to pursue studies abroad, need to take the TOEFL test before applying for the admission as well as VISA. It is recommended to take the TOEFL test shortly after your GRE or GMAT. Make sure you book a date for TOEFL test at least a month before your college applications start.  

Get complete details about the TOEFL dates in India centres so that you can register for the TOEFL 2019-2020 exam on a suitable day.

TOEFL Scholarship

ETS grants 15 scholarships each worth US $7000 to Indian students to help them with their academic expenses at any of the 9000 universities/ colleges that accept TOEFL scores.

Test takers with Disabilities

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) provides services and reasonable accommodations that are suitable for disabled test takers given the purpose of the test. Nonstandard testing accommodations are accessible for the test takers who meet the ETS requirements. In order to receive accommodations, contact ETS before registering for the test.

TOEFL for VISA application

  • As of March 2013, native-speaker English accents from the U.K., Australia and New Zealand have also been included. Before this change, only accents from North America were included.

  • From 2014, TOEFL iBT® test scores can also be used to obtain a range of visas in Australia (post-study, business, skilled migration and work & holiday visa.)

In India, only the online TOEFL iBT® Test is available at 59 cities.