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Computers & IT makes vital part of human living. Everywhere, computers & IT intercepts directly or indirectly in human activities. Ranging from small counter shops to big shopping malls, small eating joints to restaurants, home, office, railway platforms, airports and almost everywhere computers can be seen doing one task or the other. Nowadays computers perform tasks with the help of IT - Information Technology. Thus it becomes ultimately necessary that each and every person should know and understand the functions of computers and IT up to a certain extent.

Computers / IT as a subject is being taught since beginning of schooling to make upcoming generation computer literate. Today, the kids of kindergarten know more computing than their parents know, like their favorite computer game / cartoon character, etc. Computers & IT is widely taught at school level and specialization is offered as a part of college education. Also, Computers & IT makes best of the career options.

IT Industry in India 2017

  • IT BPM industry revenues (excluding hardware) for the Financial Year 2016-17 is estimated to be at US$ 154 billion.
  • IT sector contributed to India's GDP by 7.7% in the year 2016.
  • In the Financial Year 2016, TCS stood as the market leader with about 10.4% contribution to India's IT and ITeS sector revenue.
  • The IT market is quite competitive with the top 5 IT firms contributing over 25% to the total IT revenue.
  • For the Financial Year 2017, the domestic revenue is estimated to be at US$ 38 billion while the export revenue is estimated to be at US$ 117 billion.

Information Technology - IT has thus become the most sought after career stream due to the enormous penetration of IT in everyone's life.

India with its vast pool of skilled IT manpower stands in the line of world leaders in IT and allied services sector.

The IIITs combined with the IITs, IISc, NITs, and several other apex organizations like the C-DAC, DOEACC etc. has added lot of extra flavor to the IT education system in India.

NNE has compiled comprehensive details about the major institutes providing education in IT, computer sciences and allied fields.

Entrance Exams

Computers & IT courses are available at many levels like - certificate, diploma, degree, and research. Since the number of takers for computers & IT courses is quite high, the institutes / universities / departments conducts entrance examination of their own or through a consortium to decide the eligibility of candidates for admission into Computers / IT programs.

NNE has compiled the details of such examinations for your convenience.

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